How We Work

The Proposal Process

The CCC proposal process includes two-way discussions regarding all project goals, pricing, participant expectations and agency capacity via a Scope of Work. Pricing structures are developed on a per project basis and proposal objectives are often amended to meet specific client needs. If all details of the Scope of Work meet with Client and Consultant approval, a Letter of Agreement is signed and provided to both parties. 

The Consulting Project

Once the Letter of Agreement (LOA) has been signed by both parties, work on the project begins. Timeline for each project has been estimated ahead of time and is dependent upon responsiveness of client and availability of necessary support materials. Typical projects conducted by CCC can be anywhere between 1 month to 1 year, though this will vary dependent upon client need and ability. Payment for consulting projects is negotiated prior to signing of the LOA on a per agency basis and may include monthly retainers, invoicing or percentages of payment upon project component completion. 

Coaching & Follow-up

At CCC, we are committed to ensuring that our clients have the best consultant experience possible. This includes the opportunity to partake in ongoing support in the way of follow-up consultations (in-person or phone), email support and/or coaching sessions with project stakeholders. Clients have the ability to choose a format that works best for them to ensure the sustainability of project efforts.