What's in a Name?

Why Connectivity?

The simplest definition of connectivity is the state or extent of being interconnected. At CCC, we believe that in order for any consulting relationship to be successful, consultant and agency alike must be connected with each other and to their community in personalized, meaningful ways. In all that we do, we promote this by sharing our own resources, empowering and encouraging clients to connect with others in the community doing similar work. Truly, we believe "the rising tide lifts all boats".

Why Community?

In short, we believe a connected community is an empowered community. In this ever-changing world of social media and virtual "connections" it is easy to lose sight that a community is founded on and thrives because of the hard work and relationships of the people within it. We are honored to operate out of the Tampa Bay community, which hosts a "small world" of nonprofit agencies working diligently to promote our local region. 

Why Consulting?

Serving as consultants, we are able to act as an independent third party and offer an outsider's perspective on whatever opportunity or obstacle an agency faces. We recognize that the true experts on a nonprofit are often the board and staff and we thrive through the collaborative learning experience consultancy offers. We enjoy working together with clients to address the tough questions that may help find the right answers for those committed to the nonprofit sector.