Who We Are

What Makes Us Different?

We treat every project with great attention to detail and dedication to mission empowerment. Because of our many years of experience in the nonprofit sector, we are able to look at projects through the various lens of nonprofit stakeholders (that is - as a board member, staff, volunteer and consultant). We offer a unique perspective, often playing devil's advocate while examining each agency-identified issue from multiple angles and potential scenarios. Ultimately we believe in open communication lines and strong community partnerships. 

A Small Company with a Big Heart

We are a small company with a big heart, and as such, respond to client needs with compassion, real-time flexibility and consummate thoroughness. We are a caring company who believes in promoting a connected community, one where an open flow of ideas and sharing of expertise occurs across business sector lines. Our favorite part of the consulting experience is asking the "dumb" questions to help generate the smart answers.