Consortium of Florida Education Foundations

Their Mission

To advance K-12 public education in Florida by increasing the capacity and resources of member local education foundations in partnership with key stakeholders. 

Our Work Together

At a pivotal time in Florida public education, teachers across the state were preparing for the new roll out of newly designed teacher evaluation systems. Each county's school district was tasked by state legislation with designing a comprehensive evaluation system for all instructional and administrative staff to ensure that appropriate student progress and educational methods were implemented. CFEF was tasked with helping to open the lines of dialogue between districts and teachers regarding this monumental undertaking. Consequently, they hired Liz to serve as Teacher Facilitator  for the Florida Teacher Understanding Through Engagement (or FTUTE) project. Within this year-long consulting project, Liz worked with 6 local school districts and diverse groups of teachers (or Teacher Communication Corps) to help promote this dialogue and ensure two-way communications between districts and their teachers through frequent in-person and online meetings. 

Testimonial: Mary Chance, President of CFEF

Liz was charged with facilitating face-to-face communication with several diverse groups of key leaders during a pivotal time of change for their profession.  While she had a detailed scope of work outlined, the situation required responsiveness to changes in the game plan, sensitivity to the many issues surrounding the conversations she facilitated and the ability to adapt rapidly and appropriately throughout the process.  She handled all of this with tremendous professionalism and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Testimonial: Bill Hoffman, Project Director for FTUTE Project

It was a pleasure working with Liz as the Teacher Facilitator in leading the various Teacher Communications Corps within the districts involved in the project.  She kept the meetings organized, interesting, and made sure that there was meaningful content for all involved.  Her knowledge of education issues and facilitation capabilities uniquely qualified her to make the project so successful.  I enthusiastically recommend Liz.