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The Connect For More team has collected the following informational graphics to help further demonstrate nonprofit trends, and philanthropic trends. Each addresses various components of nonprofit and community success, and may further help you show your own impact. Know of an info graphic that you like but don’t see it here? Send it to us and we’ll do our best to include it.

Hillsborough County

The full report/ data can be downloaded for $50.

Urban Institute

Informative graphs.

Nonprofit HR

Contains infographics regarding areas of employment within nonprofits as well as some challenges faced by nonprofits
(retention, diversity, etc.).

Fundraising Effectiveness

2016 Project Survey Report

Abila Resource Library

Infographics regarding a variety of topics (NP finance, Donor Loyalty, etc.)

GivingUSA reports

Infographics regarding a variety of topics.

Where did the generosity come from?

Contains some interesting graphics about donors

How much did Americans give in 2018?

Infographics regarding spending

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