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Taking Your Courage to Move Your Mission
Taking Your Courage to Move Your Mission

We’ve all been through the pandemic, the shock, the transitions, the setbacks, and reactions to the start and stop of funding and keeping our mission on track.

So, now that we are on what looks to be the other side of the pandemic, how do we take our lessons, our courage of fighting through the pandemic, and move our mission forward again?

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Don’t Let Fear Stop You Now
Don’t Let Fear Stop You Now

Have you ever moved to a new area? One where you didn’t know anyone? That’s what Sabeen Perwaiz of Florida Nonprofit Alliance did.

Sabeen moved to Jacksonville from New York with her husband. He was from Jacksonville and his family was there, Sabeen knew him and had met the family, but didn’t know anyone else.

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Strategic Planning
5 Tips to Take the Scare Out of Strategic Planning

In such uncertain times, trying to plan a strategy may seem scary. With the need to adjust and pivot so quickly, it’s normal to have a “why bother” attitude toward strategic planning.

The fast-paced changes that the pandemic brought about have left you on the continual need to stamp out fires and even at odds of how to proceed for a thriving future.

If your organization hasn’t revamped your vision recently, it’s likely you’re attempting to limp along with the day-to-day with an outdated plan.  Now is the perfect time to pause and develop your strategic plan.

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My Favorite Consulting Answer… EVER

One of the most infuriating answers I ever received to any question is a simple one. Years after I first heard it, I became a consultant… and then I began to use these words (pretty frequently, I admit) to answer the questions I was now being asked.

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Do You Know What Today Is
Do You Know What Today Is?

A little-known fact about me is that I am a HUGE R&B music fan, with a special love of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s variety. If you are as well, chances are you just finished this blog title with a tune in your head from Tony Toni Tone’s “It’s Your Anniversary”. To be sure, listening to this genre of music makes me smile, breathe a little easier, and sing along with joy.

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What's In a Name
Rumbling With Your Personal Story & Brand

What’s in a Name?

Imagine if you will… a young girl ALWAYS being last to be seated in a classroom. Becoming best friends for a time with another wayward soul given the last name of Young because teachers were still at the time putting students in alphabetical order.  Ah the benefits of a last name that begins with a “W” and growing up in the 80s!

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Putting the Human Back into Leadership
Putting the Human Back into Leadership

Though it’s been around for a few years, I’ve recently just learned of a concept that I want to share with you – humanistic leadership.

In large part due to the amazing folks I’ve met as part of my Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator status, I’ve had the great privilege of surrounding myself with colleagues I consider much smarter than myself including Angela Lehr and Susie Vaughan. These two professionals recently completed a research study interweaving humanistic leadership with the impact of the pandemic on grief and resilience. What they found was fascinating!

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Happy Pandemic-versary?

Just a few weeks ago we “celebrated” the one-year anniversary of the day when much of America was forced to shut down. Where in 2008 came the Great Recession, 2020 offered the Great Pause… where much of the United States closed down operations for days, weeks, and months in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The months and year that followed included social unrest and a presidential election that felt like it was dividing us one neighbor, friend and family member at a time.

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Creativity Sink: What Nonprofit & Small Businesses Need to Learn from Pixar
Creativity Sink: What Nonprofit & Small Businesses Need to Learn from Pixar

Part of my personal professional development journey often includes challenging myself with reading books by leaders in “other” sectors. You know, those business books not directly meant for we warm-fuzzy nonprofit people.Some of my favorites have included: You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader; The Five Dysfunctions of a Team; New Ideas from Dead CEOs and a recent favorite Creativity Inc.

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Why Tough Conversations Belong in Your Board Room
Why Tough Conversations Belong in Your Board Room

Over decades of service to the nonprofit sector, I’ve come to inherently believe that most board members mean well. I have rarely met anyone – even the most difficult and divisive members – who set out to hurt the mission or the clients of a nonprofit organization intentionally. In other words, they have positive intent and hope for the success of the nonprofit business.

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