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Who You Gonna Call When Your Nonprofit Needs Rescue?

Who You Gonna Call When Your Nonprofit Needs Rescue?

Do you feel like your nonprofit needs a “Ghostbuster” to bring everyone back to life?  Is your board actively engaged in your nonprofit?

Most people feel that answer is no. Many times, it is tough to get board members engaged as each person is serving on a board for different reasons.

There’s no one size fits all board.

Some members are filling out their own CV. Some are serving because they care about the mission. They don’t always fully understand what their role should be. They might feel their role is volunteering at events. Or they feel they are lending their professional skills to the nonprofit.

Getting to the heart of creating a dynamic board that moves the mission forward is sometimes the toughest part. Bringing in a consultant, as a nonjudgmental third party, can bridge the gap between the organization and the board.

Bringing in a consultant can:

  • Find common ground between the employees and board members
  • Meet with founders
  • Ask succession questions without causing alarm
  • Fresh perspectives on all aspects of the organization

When should a nonprofit hire a consultant vs. hiring an employee?

A consultant can be contracted for many things, such as grant writing, helping with leadership succession, recruiting, training, and assisting with board transition and orientation. If these things are not already part of your system and culture, this is where a consultant can greatly assist.

Consultants also can connect with other organizations. Our favorite word at Connect for More is coopetition.

Other nonprofits might be struggling with the same issues as you, that’s why it’s the perfect time to connect with a little “coopetition” and help each other move forward!

A fully functioning board helps move your mission forward. If you feel like your board needs to be brought back to life, take the first step and contact us and let’s make a connection.

Caption: Connecting nonprofit organizations, as consultants, is one of our passions. Liz Wooten-Reschke talked with Luanne Walters from the Philanthropy Show about engaging your board to the mission and connection to the community.

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