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How I Landed My Dream Job (That I Didn't Know Existed)!
How I Landed My Dream Job (That I Didn’t Know Existed)!

When Kristen Laramore joined us for a Consultant Connection, we were thrilled. We wanted to talk about her journey as a leader and surprised us by saying she landed her dream job, a job she didn’t know existed!

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2020 – the Year of Recalculating

Let me first be clear… this is not a blog about how to survive a pandemic, battle social injustice or tolerate an ugly presidential election. I am not an expert at ANY of those things. I have struggled with each of those, like many of you reading this.

This IS a post about embracing your humanity in all its messy forms something that I have come to be well-worn in the last 3 decades of my life.

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