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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Achieve Your Nonprofit Goals With Ease

Developing your nonprofit strategic plan is hard.

Your environment is ever changing. You must react quickly to stamp out fires. Coordinating efforts between your board and volunteers eats up your time. Then there’s making sure that you’re serving those who your mission helps. it’s hard to find time to stop and create a strategy for your nonprofit.

Without a Clear Strategic Plan

Nonprofits become


Board, staff, and those you serve become confused about your direction and vision


Nonprofits won’t see forward movement with achieving the goals of the mission

Leading To

Decreased Funding

Without a clear plan with accountability built in, fundraising efforts suffer

Less Impact

Resources not used efficiently results in fewer lives impacted by your mission

Without a Clear Strategic Plan

Your strategic plan is a living, breathing document that should be reviewed at regular intervals. Bringing together your board, staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders to create and implement a plan is challenging. That’s where Connect For More can help.

What We Do:

Connect For More Can Help

Our Strategic Planning Facilitation services are tailored to your organizational and financial needs. Schedule a call with us so that we can have a conversation where your biggest pain-points are. Together we can develop the package that will be the most effective for your nonprofit.


We use several tools to assess people and processes. We prepare reports and summaries for review and action.

Meeting Facilitation

We bridge communication with your leadership team to ensure a highly productive meeting.


Based on the level of interaction needed for your plan, we offer half day to a week for retreat time.


Customized strategy template for your action-oriented plan.

Hands-On Liaison

We work with your committee or as a liaison to committee.

Ongoing Support

Varied options available for ongoing support.

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