Tampa, FL

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

* We work to empower nonprofit leaders who want to improve the way their nonprofit conducts business and empowers their leadership.

* We work with individuals who wish to make a more meaningful impact in their personal or professional philanthropy.

* We believe in the values of shared leadership, mutual respect, and conflict transformation, and enjoy helping facilitate change for agencies & individuals who are ready for it.

Our Mission

Connect For More exists to help others build the capacity and connections they need to improve their communities & themselves.

Our Vision

A community of open-flowing ideas and sharing of expertise and resources across business sector lines.

Core values

  • Integrity in Action
  • Helping Others/Society
  • Collaboration
  • Holistic Happiness
  • Focused Growth

Our Big Why

We impact lives and organizations to equip our community to help others and society by providing confident thought leadership and fostering collaboration for positive change.

Our Philosophy

We believe a connected community is an empowered community. We believe that a community is founded on and thrives because of the hard work and relationships of the people within it. We are honored to operate out of the Tampa Bay community, which hosts a “small world” of nonprofit agencies working diligently to promote our local region. We love working with other communities that have their own “small world” of committed stakeholders.

As consultants, we are able to act as an independent third party and offer an outsider’s perspective on whatever opportunity or obstacle an agency faces. We recognize that the true experts on a nonprofit are often the board and staff, and we thrive through the collaborative learning experience consultancy offers. We enjoy working together with clients to address the tough questions that may help find the right answers for those committed to the nonprofit sector.

In all that we do, we share our own resources and empower and encourage clients to connect with others in the community doing similar work. We believe “the rising tide lifts all boats.”

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