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Putting the Human Back into Leadership
Putting the Human Back into Leadership

Though it’s been around for a few years, I’ve recently just learned of a concept that I want to share with you – humanistic leadership.

In large part due to the amazing folks I’ve met as part of my Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator status, I’ve had the great privilege of surrounding myself with colleagues I consider much smarter than myself including Angela Lehr and Susie Vaughan. These two professionals recently completed a research study interweaving humanistic leadership with the impact of the pandemic on grief and resilience. What they found was fascinating!

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Leadership and Courage | Biz Dynamics Academy Management and Leadership Review Podcast
Leaders and Courage

I had the pleasure of speaking with Greta Kishbaugh, from Biz Dynamics Academy.  They are a company who features a community of Educators and Practitioners who are actively involved in their communities with the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs build a successful business.

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Why Single Parenthood Feels a lot like Nonprofit Executive Leadership
Why Single Parenthood Feels a lot like Nonprofit Executive Leadership

There are very few of us who enter into marriage or parenthood, with the assurance that we are one day going to be single parents and/or divorced. In fact, most of us enter into both with hearing that challenges are ahead for both endeavors (if we even listen to them), but still think we’ve found the one who can make the challenge either navigable or non-existent.

I’ve seen many nonprofit CEOs or Executive Directors enter into this role the same way. They hear the challenges (burnout, isolation, disenchantment, difficult boards, staffing issues) and think “I’ve finally found the one (mission) that can make it all worthwhile.” Or they ignore the challenges altogether thinking they can make it work with their team of board and staff because the love (of mission) will conquer all. Read More “Why Single Parenthood Feels a lot like Nonprofit Executive Leadership”

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