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Change is Scary
Change is SCARY & Other Organizational Apparitions

This week’s blog post was written to honor Halloween… we’re now full into the time of year when the holidays are officially upon us, candy & sweets are everywhere and the stressors of the fourth quarter of the calendar year ramp up. Read: I’ve been stress eating a LOT of candy these days. And if you’re being honest, you have too.

As we enter this hectic, full and busy-is-not-enough time of year, I began to ask the Connect For More team and our Clients the following question:

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Saved by the Sabbatical
Saved by the Sabbatical

There are some perks to being your own boss. Ten years in, I’ve learned that the life an entrepreneur is rife with opportunities: paying your team and your vendors before (or more) than you pay yourself, working numerous hours on the non-billable parts of a business, losing sleep over the next great idea or that difficult client, etc. etc. etc. All joking aside, one my favorite benefits of this career is that of time freedom – i.e. that on any given day I get to choose my own schedule, how much/little I want to work and how I want to put my values into action.

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