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2019: The Year Of Permission
2019: The Year of Permission

As I take the time to reflect on the year is now officially behind us and consider the possibilities for the year ahead, I was struck by the overall theme of permission that came out of my experiences in 2019. Undoubtedly this year featured personal and professional struggles for many of us – yet what I found for the first time in my life was that I was deeply rooted in giving myself (and others) consent to do and be what they needed to meet whatever challenges or successes came their way. Read More “2019: The Year of Permission”

The Intern Connection at Connect For More: Why We Choose to Invest in The Next Generation
The Intern Connection at Connect For More: Why We Choose to Invest in The Next Generation

In Fall 2019, Connect For More began an internship relationship with the University of South Florida. Though we had previously hosted our very first internship via Research Associate Veronica Vasquez Ugalde back in July 2016 this marked an important milestone for us – we were finally able to contribute back to a local university system that many of the CFM Team members graduated from. What follows below is our intern’s perspective on the five-month practical experience.

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Lessons Learned From A Visit To Your Local Post Office

A few years ago when Connect For More was beginning, I had opted out of a formal office space and rented a P.O. Box at my local post office location. While it meant separation of home & work, at least by physical mailing location, it also meant that I had to venture to the post office at least once a week… including during the holiday season. (Cue ominous music).

After a recent trip to the post office I was reminded of those many experiences of full parking lots, long lines and sometimes friendly – often not – professionals who worked the customer counter. I was also reminded of the original blog post I wrote but never published that detailed my frustration with the experience. I’ll save you a read and share that in short, I was complaining that it NEVER felt like a good experience anymore to go to the post office. Read More “Lessons Learned From A Visit To Your Local Post Office”

Take Back Your Time by Margarita Sarmiento
Take Back Your Time

How to Avoid Work Interruptions & Stay Focused on What Matters

Guest blog post from Margarita Sarmiento, ITK Consultants and Connect For More Training Associate.

We’re in that time of year again… the holiday rush is upon us and there’s no possible way for us to get everything done at work or at home. Or, is there? The guest blog below helps provide a few useful tips for how to manage your work time and interruption, staying focused on what matters most in this information overload society. Read More “Take Back Your Time”

Why I’m Thankful for My Mistakes
Why I’m Thankful for My Mistakes

Gratitude is in our bones this week. Or at the very least, thrust into our culture all week long as many of us prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

In all honesty, I am constantly working on my gratitude attitude and recognizing gratitude moments with both my Connect For More team and family. Just like yoga, meditation, writing, art, sports… this is truly a practice and if I forget to stay mindful in this mindset it’s often like my muscles have atrophied. In short, this struggle for me is a real one. Especially when research shows that humans are genetically prone to focus on the negative as part of our survival instincts.

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Why Single Parenthood Feels a lot like Nonprofit Executive Leadership
Why Single Parenthood Feels a lot like Nonprofit Executive Leadership

There are very few of us who enter into marriage or parenthood, with the assurance that we are one day going to be single parents and/or divorced. In fact, most of us enter into both with hearing that challenges are ahead for both endeavors (if we even listen to them), but still think we’ve found the one who can make the challenge either navigable or non-existent.

I’ve seen many nonprofit CEOs or Executive Directors enter into this role the same way. They hear the challenges (burnout, isolation, disenchantment, difficult boards, staffing issues) and think “I’ve finally found the one (mission) that can make it all worthwhile.” Or they ignore the challenges altogether thinking they can make it work with their team of board and staff because the love (of mission) will conquer all. Read More “Why Single Parenthood Feels a lot like Nonprofit Executive Leadership”

Lessons in Board Culture: A Child’s View 2.0 | Liz Wooten-Reschke
Lessons in Board Culture: A Child’s View 2.0

Life QuoteA few years ago, I had the opportunity to publish a blog collaboratively with BoardSource discussing what the boards I work with might look like to my children – at the time ages 1 and 3. Here we are in 2019 and my babies just turned 6 and 8.

Since that time we’ve become a family of three, then a blended family of six, said goodbye to beloved pets and close family members; they’ve started elementary school, various sports, piano and dance lessons, and we’ve moved into our forever home. To be sure, our life has been full, busy, organized chaos.

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Our Favorite Board Governance-isms

Tis the season…. For board, staff and team retreats.

As we enter into the month of November, the Connect For More team and I are deep into the second wave of our busiest time of the calendar year (for those of you wondering January-April is also quite full).

Almost every one of our clients and colleagues is in full throttle finish-up-before-the-holidays mode. Perhaps you can relate.

For us, this is an intense time of gratitude and we are working hard to reap those benefits. We’re almost halfway through our 10th anniversary year and are still growing as a business, as a team, and as individuals.

We are eternally grateful to all of our clients for making it so! We’re also working towards the great and imminent (hopefully) intentional pause from work that will come soon with the holiday “break.”

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Change is Scary
Change is SCARY & Other Organizational Apparitions

This week’s blog post was written to honor Halloween… we’re now full into the time of year when the holidays are officially upon us, candy & sweets are everywhere and the stressors of the fourth quarter of the calendar year ramp up. Read: I’ve been stress eating a LOT of candy these days. And if you’re being honest, you have too.

As we enter this hectic, full and busy-is-not-enough time of year, I began to ask the Connect For More team and our Clients the following question:

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Saved by the Sabbatical
Saved by the Sabbatical

There are some perks to being your own boss. Ten years in, I’ve learned that the life an entrepreneur is rife with opportunities: paying your team and your vendors before (or more) than you pay yourself, working numerous hours on the non-billable parts of a business, losing sleep over the next great idea or that difficult client, etc. etc. etc. All joking aside, one my favorite benefits of this career is that of time freedom – i.e. that on any given day I get to choose my own schedule, how much/little I want to work and how I want to put my values into action.

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