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Our Intern Connection: Connecting Rising For-Profit Leaders with Their Missions

Connect For More is proud to be growing an internship partnership with the University of South Florida. This continues to be an important mission moment for us – continuing to connect rising leaders with the needs, passions, and purpose of the nonprofit business sector. What follows below is one intern’s unique perspective on their CFM team experience during the spring of 2020.  

The year of 2020 has been one of the most memorable years of my life, not only because I graduated with my MBA from USF’s Muma’s College of Business; but also the invaluable experiences from my time at Connect For More. I have been truly honored working for CFM and am forever grateful to one of my USF professors for connecting me to this opportunity.

Working as an intern for CFM was beyond “just” getting a task done to meet a deadline. At Connect For More, an intern’s role is mission critical to the company and was truly an enriching experience. As an intern, you are treated as a valued team member. And as you bring your own unique value and complete your work, Liz and her team allow you the creativity to take on more responsibility and design your own internship experience.

Although we were given the freedom to complete tasks at our own pace and were not micromanaged whatsoever, we were held to high expectations. There is no such thing as a slacker or lazy team member at Connect For More – every member is driven and committed to their work of connecting people and agencies with the resources they need to fulfill their missions. It was refreshing to be amongst so many committed professionals who all brought their own unique skillsets to the team and our work.

It was an especially rewarding experience for me because I felt heard. From the open-door policy and one-on-one meetings with Liz (President/CEO) to interactions during the team and collegial meetings where we were encouraged to share our thoughts and ideas. Being an intern for Liz and Connect For More, I have been blessed with the opportunity in learning expertise skill sets such as marketing, networking, project management, and enhancing my communication. I was given full trust and transparency from the get-go – which only inspired me to want to learn more and work harder!

My favorite thing about my time as an intern for the Connect For More team is by far the people and the culture created by our CEO. Everyone is friendly, accessible, and GREATLY committed to the goal of the company. Not to mention their commitment to making sure that all CFM team members are successful in their roles as well – it is rare to come across a team full of people who want you to do well and provide you with all the resources you need to grow individually and professionally.

Working as an intern for Connect For More has been truly inspiring. Thank you Connect For More providing me with an opportunity of a lifetime!

Evrosina Ibrahim

About the Author: Evrosina (or Evro as she’s fondly known) Ibrahim is a recent graduate of the University of South Florida’s Masters in Business Administration program from the Muma College of Business. Originally from Egypt, Evrosina lives in Clearwater with her parents and her younger sister. A few of her personal passions include providing assistance to agencies serving Coptic orphans, using social media to connect her world, and learning about health systems management. She has a great love of family, fashion and finding new ways to see the world – all with a

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