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Don’t Let Fear Stop You Now

Don’t Let Fear Stop You Now

Have you ever moved to a new area? One where you didn’t know anyone? That’s what Sabeen Perwaiz of Florida Nonprofit Alliance did.

Sabeen moved to Jacksonville from New York with her husband. He was from Jacksonville and his family was there, Sabeen knew him and had met the family, but didn’t know anyone else.

Sabeen talks about her leadership journey and the vulnerability she felt in essentially starting over in a new location. How did she do it?

  • Learning
  • Honesty
  • Connections
  • Courage

Sabeen started with the thought to build courage with “Don’t let fear stop you!” and worked into “What’s the worst that can happen? The say no?”

She decided to learn about the community she is now in by reaching out to ask to be mentored by professionals in the community. Sabeen says those initial connections have been instrumental in bringing her where she is today.

 “It’s really a one degree of separation and connections matter!” Sabeen says. 

Honesty while in connecting with new people, opening up about what you are looking for, your abilities, but also anywhere you could improve to be better suited for that job.

She focused on building bridges, listening tours, and mentorship. These have been her key to success and feels these are the foundation to anyone starting over, starting fresh, or realigning with any company.

These elements align so deeply with our values at Connect For More and applaud Sabeen for her perseverance and success!

You can Connect For More in Sabeen’s video chat with our own Liz here:

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