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Client Testimonials

“Liz lasered through a myriad of details to come up with a cogent, tailored strategic plan for a young organization to forge ahead. She sees the big picture although never losing sight of the bite sized pieces an organization must undertake to achieve it. Her superb analytical skills coupled with people/listening skills allowed her to glean the heartbeat of our organization… where we are, where we’re going. We wholeheartedly recommend working with her!”


Patricia Hart, Director of HR
Adolphus Parker, Founder/President
Homeless Helping Homeless, Inc.

“The work you did for us was AWESOME! Moses House has needed someone to put together all this information into a coherent plan, and you’ve not only done that, you’ve gone way above and beyond expectations. From your recommendation, I knew you were excellent, but this work is simply fabulous!”


Lance Arney, Executive Director
The Moses House

“Working with Liz has truly been a pleasure! Her attention to detail, demeanor and professionalism continues to make my job easy. Her knowledge of nonprofit capacity building and her commitment to sharing resources with our agencies and consultants makes Liz an incredible asset to the I3 program.”


Mark Pritchett, CEO
Gulf Coast Community Foundation

“I spent two very productive hours with Liz on Social Media strategy. I am embarrassed to say I did not know the first thing about Facebook, Linkedin or even Blackberry’s. Liz provided me with knowledge and hands-on interaction. She definitely made my fear of social media go away and made me feel confident that I can incorporate this into my professional and personal life.

Liz is professional, an excellent facilitator and has a wonderful ability of being able to put technical jargon into layman’s terms. I have been to many seminars, retreats and trainings and Liz is an outstanding consultant. I highly recommend her for any consulting needs you may have.”


Sally L. Pool, Office Manager
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

“I found Liz to be highly perceptive about the services I was seeking. During our initial consultation she carefully listened to my needs and project concepts and offered forward-think approaches that ultimately resulted in a greater project outcome than I originally thought possible.”


Nancy Robbins-Lackey, GPC
Lackey Consulting

“Liz always brought an exciting balance of creativity and strong project management skills to our work together. Her professionalism, high standards, and forward-thinking energy could be counted on to help bring us from a good spot to a great spot.”


Steve Lesky, (Former) Regional Vice President
Allegany Franciscan Ministries

“Liz was charged with facilitating face-to-face communication with several diverse groups of key leaders during a pivotal time of change for their profession. While she had a detailed scope of work outlined, the situation required responsiveness to changes in the game plan, sensitivity to the many issues surrounding the conversations she facilitated and the ability to adapt rapidly and appropriately throughout the process. She handled all of this with tremendous professionalism and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.”


Mary Chance, President
Consortium of Florida Education Foundations

“It was a pleasure working with Liz as the Teacher Facilitator in leading the various Teacher Communications Corps within the districts involved in the project. She kept the meetings organized, interesting, and made sure that there was meaningful content for all involved. Her knowledge of education issues and facilitation capabilities uniquely qualified her to make the project so successful. I enthusiastically recommend Liz.”


Bill Hoffman, President
Bill Hoffman & Associates

“Liz was an excellent addition to the NSFA team! She was organized, thoughtful and able to consider all of our member’s needs all the while keeping an eye towards membership growth. She improved our member communications and engagement, developing meaningful relationships with education foundation leaders. Liz also constantly sought feedback from members on how we could model continual improvement… and then led the charge to implement many of these suggestions further demonstrating her true commitment to advancing the nonprofit and education sectors alike.”


Nina Menis, Executive Director
National School Foundation Association

“Working with Liz was such a collaborative experience! She was able to navigate the strong personalities and passion for education of those involved with our work with both finesse and empathy. The end product – a comprehensive, non-partisan voter’s guide of school board candidates – was an essential resource for our community!”


Virginia McGrath, Director of Marketing
Hillsborough Education Foundation

“We contacted Liz about using her assistance with the reorganization of our Marketing Department. She quickly responded with an interview time and after the interview provided us with clear, concise procedures, job descriptions and a detailed action plan for hiring a new Development Director. She was very professional in her manner and understanding of the different facets of our organization. She provided all requested materials well within the timeframe allotted for this project, had great attention to detail and followed up on a regular basis each step of the way.”


Paula Sullivan, Executive Director/Principal
Achievement Academy

“Liz was great to work with. She is very personable and knowledgeable and got to know our individual needs. Our Board feels confident and ready to make an impact after this training!”


Stefanie Steele, Executive Director
Central Florida Susan G. Komen for the Cure

“Liz of Connectivity Community Consulting is a professional in every sense of the word. She strives for excellence in all she does and consistently produces excellent products and services. She is a master communicator. She possesses great analytical skills and is also very intuitive. She helped me to discover strengths and weaknesses in my business that have helped us to grow. She also helped me to think more critically about my business processes. “


Julé C. Colvin

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