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Virtual Connections – Tools & Tricks from the Connect For More Team

Virtual Connections - Tools & Tricks from the Connect For More Team

At Connect For More, we’re extremely proud of our team members – seasoned and new. Each of them brings a wealth of professional expertise and personal perspective to our work stretching from fundraising, human resources, public relations, governance, program evaluation & strategic planning.

Like many of you, we’ve ventured into the virtual world in rather unexpected ways this year in order to keep our business – and yours – running. As we continue to work in a world where meeting in person is still difficult if not impossible we wanted to cull the best of the best to share with you our own experience with the virtual workplace. Hope you enjoy the tips below and learning a bit more about our own amazing team.

I really enjoy breakout groups – but only when each group has a group facilitator to help lead discussion. Otherwise, it takes valuable time for each breakout group to determine who will be in charge, which might not make sense for only one or two small group breakouts.

Tom Weiglein, Consulting Associate

I think it’s important we give reflection or group discussion questions out ahead of time to allow for greater processing time for those who like to ruminate. Often times, folks may not want to be put on the spot in answering more thoughtful questions and would rather devote time to thinking about their answers.

Laura Cline, Contract & Clients Manager (really Tommy’s)

Shelley Sharp

Instead of basic Q & A panels, I like to allow for more free-flowing conversation with the experts. This way you’ll have an opportunity to break-up any “talking” at that may have occurred during the sharing of the direct content and have a chance to incorporate participant questions in real-time.

Shelley Sharp, Consulting Associate

It’s easy for me to get lost in the technology as both a facilitator and a participant. Sometimes, I find greater comfort for myself in using facilitation tools that I’ve used all along – flip charts, sticky notes – so that I can record in real-time what people are sharing digitally. At the end of the day, the methods we use are just as much about comfort as anything else.

Laurie Huebner, Human Resources Specialist

Liz Wooten-Reschke

I love the idea of sending participants of our longer workshops/facilitations “tool kits” through the mail. Sometimes this can mean a leadership or governance book that we can reference as we teach, important hands-on materials like a board manual or in the case of our team’s virtual retreat, CFM branded cookies and drink kits for our virtual happy hour.

Liz Wooten-Reschke, President & CEO

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